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Yoga Switch in Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara is a place of great natural beauty and tranquility on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.  An international meca for yogis, surfers, and lovers of nature, all drawn to the rain-forest, mountains and pristine surf beaches. Where the jungle meets the sea you will find small bohemian communities of artist galleries, yoga shalas, surf schools and eateries presenting a full rainbow of international cuisine. 

Located hillside, surrounded by lush tropical jungle and overlooking the Pacific ocean, is the yoga studio and retreat of Klara Hood. The spacious shala, which flows seamlessly between interior and exterior space, is filled with dappled light filtered through the jungle canopy.  This is a place of great serenity from which Klara’s conducts her private classes and will be in the future the location for Klara’s retreats.

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