The Klara Hood Story


My name is Klara.

Hi, my name is Klara. I help others to take the reins of their health physically and mentally.

My path to learning how to do so has not been an easy or straight one. Here I’d like to share that journey with you.

Klara Hood

The Silver Spoon Lacks True Sustenance

My story begins in Hungary, my homeland. I remember as a young girl being very frugal, counting my money and saving it. I also remember having many ideas and inspirations. “Mom, Dad, I want to be this when I grow up!” “But they would tell me, “Klara, quiet down, you are going to run the family business.” 

My young, ambitious spirit was constantly quieted. My parents were wealthy, influential figures in the country at the time, and the focus in our home was often on the family business and possessions. I felt I lost a bit of who I was as I was herded in the direction of the fate my family had for me.”

I struggled as a young woman mentally and physically, without consciously realizing it at the time. One of my breasts was three times bigger than the other so I began to hunch over and wear big t-shirts. I was very small and I began to think of myself as weak and a runt.

Losing it All

When I was 18, life threw me a curve ball. My parents lost everything and went through a terrible divorce. The years to follow would leave us all understanding what it’s like to lack and I was left owing a handsome amount of money to the country due to my father.

My mother eventually left the country to start anew in Canada and I followed. When I reached Canada, I was beginning with nothing. I eventually found a job and met a wonderful man who would become my husband. We began a new life and partnership together. It was during this time that I wanted to begin to rebuild myself into someone who was strong, confident, and beautiful.

My Journey with Ashtanga Yoga

I saw Madonna in an interview, a woman who embodies the traits I desired, and she was explaining that she practices Ashtanga yoga daily. That drove me to give it a try. I began the practice, and soon after, devoted myself to it entirely. 

I struggle with Attention-Deficit Disorder (ADD) so Ashtanga brought me an order and routine that gave me comfort as I knew exactly what to do each day. After practicing for some time, I underwent training to become an instructor. I also began making other lifestyle changes to become a “better yogi” such as switching to a vegan diet.

However, despite all my efforts, practices, and discipline, I still was not feeling strong. My back was not strengthened to correct my hunchback and I began feeling very ill, weak, and bloated. I eventually had to see a doctor and discovered I was anemic and malnourished. My doctor told me that with my build and structure, a vegan diet could never sustain me properly. 

While feeling like a failure, I reflected on my path, and honestly, inside I never wanted to be vegan. I would always feel restricted and would still fantasize about being able to enjoy eggs benedict with bacon. What I realized I was doing was trying to fit the mold of a “perfect yogi,” but the practices were not serving me or my health at all. In fact, they were causing me damage. I was still following the herd as I was trained to do as a child

A New Integrative Approach

I was frustrated after investing so much time and effort into the Ashtanga practice and not getting the results I desperately desired.  It was around this time that my ashtanga yoga teacher began to deviate from the traditional yoga path. She began taking a different approach which incorporated strength training like push ups, chin ups, and dead lifts into her practice. At first, I was so bored and didn’t like the idea. But my body loved it and I started feeling energized and really good. This opened me up to the concept that yoga alone could not bring me the result I desired. Isolating myself in that practice was holding me back.

Taking the Reins

I continued down this path of exploring many types of movement and strength training, and studying what science had to say, and I discovered my independence along the way. For the first time, I wasn’t looking to be led by my parents, by Madonna, by the biggest yogi, or even by my friend who opened my mind up to this diversified training program. I was asking the questions and finding the answers, and I was able to figure out what was best for me. 

As a result, I can no longer be led by anyone because I lead myself. And if I go to any class or training and something doesn’t seem right, I don’t blindly follow but I ask why. With this empowerment, I have finally been able to give my body the food, the training, and the love that it needs to stand up straight, become strong, and feel beautiful.

Rediscovering Myself in Costa Rica

It was around this time, my husband and I moved to Tamarindo, Costa Rica. A paradise that we fell in love with. I have continued my practice in this lush beautiful environment that I am so thankful to call home. I have had several years to continue my practice as well as devote time to rediscovering the young girl I originally was, full of ambition and joy. I have been able to strip away the conditioning from my parents and society, to rediscover and build my identity, and I feel that my movement practice has been instrumental in that process.

A Movement Training All About You

Having been through this journey, although I still believe I have a long way to go, I have discovered learnings that I would like to share with anyone who is struggling to find a movement practice that suits your specific body. I know how completely discouraging and frustrating it can be to try to strengthen your body and still feel bad or worse. And how it feels to go to classes hopeful and leave feeling like one of the herd. 

My mission is to offer a different kind of training resource. I work with each person on a personal basis. I understand we are so much more than just bodies and many of our physical manifestations have far-reaching causes, often in our past and present circumstances. I have worked through these challenges and want to give others the tools to do so. 

I currently offer online classes that range from private and semi-private to instruction for larger groups. In the private sessions, we get the opportunity to talk about where you are at, what you have been doing, and what you need personally. Then, our practice will be tailored to your needs. I will provide you with choices and recommendations and will give you feedback as you work through the movements. In the sessions for larger groups, many people can come together to learn and practice a holistic approach to movement training. I am also very excited to be building a beautiful retreat space in Nosara, Costa Rica to welcome guests for an in-person, comprehensive training experience a few times each year.

Serving Through Empowerment

My path has been difficult with many ups and downs. I tried following the norms and “authorities” to no avail. But I am grateful for the lessons that I can share to serve those struggling like I was so you can use movement and training practices to feel good, become strong, and be confident in the body you have. I don’t aim to lead you. Instead, my intention is to show you what I’ve learned and share my life and knowledge to empower you to take the driver’s seat in your health and your life.