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You want to feel strong and in control of your physical, mental and spiritual health.

You’re seeking personal transformation and a prescriptive one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t deliver.

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Yoga switch is accessible to everybody, because it’s tailor-made for YOUR body.  Yoga Switch challenges you to go deep and really connect with your body.  Discover what works best for you and incorporate this into a daily movement practice that is uniquely yours.   

Yoga switch is an experimental and evolving yoga movement practice centered around your individual needs.  The program creator, Klara Hood, will be your personal guide as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal transformation.  All classes are delivered via an online platform from Klara’s stunning studio in tropical Costa Rica.

What Makes the
Yoga Switch Movement Special?

Authenticity & Honesty

Authenticity & Honesty

Klara’s long and challenging journey to find her true authentic self has inspired her to help others to do the same. Authenticity is integral to the movement and honesty is paramount. Honesty is the foundation of the relationship between you and Klara, as well as the relationship that Klara will encourage you to build with yourself.
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At the very core of Yoga Switch is individuality. Klara understands you are unique and there cannot be a one-size-fits-all method when it comes to working with your body and mind. Klara will challenge you to experiment and discover what works best for you, delivering a truly unique and personalized learning experience.
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Self-Reliance & Critical Thinking

Self-Reliance & Critical Thinking

Klara will encourage you to question instructions, analyze information, and form your own judgments based upon critical thinking. You will be challenged to explore your body-mind connection and confront those things which are holding you back. This self-actualized approach will serve you not only in your yoga program but also in your every-day life.
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A yoga-centric mindful movement practice integrating trauma informed yoga, strength training, principles of frc, and nutrition.

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About Klara

Klara Hood discovered the Ashtanga yoga practice and dived into its methodology after years of physical and mental struggles to find herself and help her attention deficit disorder (ADD). She dedicated seven years to the practice and followed a ‘strict yogi lifestyle’ including veganism but Klara found that the practice was not serving her physically or mentally. Subsequently, Klara journeyed further down a path of self-discovery, exploring different movement practices that resulted in her tuning into what really best served her own body, along with reaching a newfound level of calm and independence.


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